Happy Thanksgiving and a book recommendation especially timely for the holidays! “Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Laws into Family”

dontrollyoureyesNovember has been a stressful month  on the East Coast with Superstorm Standy as well as difficult  weather issues and fires in other parts of the country.  Throughout all of this we hear stories of resilience,  gratitude and an outpouring of support and love to those impacted.  These disasters seem to bring out the best in people, when we  reach out as human beings to help one another.   It’s important to be grateful throughout the year–but Thanksgiving has become a holiday of gratitude and thankfulness. I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and start to the holiday season.   It’s a time for reflection as well as a time for gratitude and forgiveness.

It is also a time to think about some your relationships in different ways.  Holidays are often times when extended family get together and we all know stories of stress, tensions and disappointments.  Dr. Ruth Nemzoff,  an expert in family dynamics,  takes on issues that many of us want to avoid—such as some of the challenges in dealing  with adult children  (Don’t Bite your Tongue: How to Foster Rewarding Relationships with Adult Children) and in her newest book, dealing with  in-laws.   I recommend her books to you.  She writes with clarity, wit and wisdom.  Her recent book, Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Laws in to Family, is filled with helpful tips and advice.  It’s a powerful and practical guide recognizing many of the complexities of relationships in the 21st century.  Her books are structured with research and stories as well as helpful questions to consider at the end of each chapter.  I think you’ll find this book helpful as you approach the holiday season and the new year.  I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season–filled with good times and good conversations!  Dori

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