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On the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 12:00 noon EST (which is 9:00 am PST and 11 am CST) I offer a free monthly call for all of you (and other people who may be interested.)

My goal is to bring experts to talk with you about “what’s next?” I’ll interview the experts for 45-50 minutes, followed by time for Q & A. You will be able to call in or access the call from your computer. More information will follow. It’s a free call, but you’ll need to sign up for the calls below.

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This Month’s Program

Date: March 28, 2017

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 am PST and 11 am CST)

Topic: Policy, Housing and an Aging Society

Speakers: Louis Tenenbaum, a winner of the 2016 HIVE Award and named a Next Avenue 2016 Influencer in Aging

About the Program: 

The election is over. Happy or not, we can’t predict what the new administration will do. But two things are certain. First, aging issues won’t disappear. Second, we can’t expect more federal funding or new entitlements. But this could be a good thing if it pushes us to think out of the box, particularly regarding aging in place by focusing on the situation facing middle-income older Americans.

While low-income older adults desperately need funding and support, 70% of older Americans (70 million people) do not qualify for government or not-for-profit programs but, at the same time, cannot afford expensive retirement communities or 24/7 care. These people have some resources and most want to age in place. Many own their homes and spend out-of-pocket for care, which is often difficult to locate and manage. Without question, this is a cadre that needs better supports.

In this program, Louis will discuss several out of the box options what business, government and baby boomers can do to ensure their housing meets the needs of an aging population.

About Our Guest:

A leading authority on aging in place, Louis Tenenbaum is the founder of HomesRenewed, a coalition of business, government, not for profits and consumer stakeholders. Uniquely straddling the building, aging, healthcare and policy worlds, Louis was named a 2016 “Influencer in Aging” by Next Avenue and won a prestigious HIVE (Housing, Innovation, Vision and Economics) award. His recent article, Aging in Place Needs Out of the Box Thinking, appeared in Forbes and received more than 4000 shares.

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“I’ve attended your retirement webinars since they began. You are gifted, thoughtful interviewer and perform a wonderful service for all of us bewildered boomers and those coming after us. Thank you for all you do-and please keep it up.”
~~Sarah Powers